Video Slots in the UK

Video Slots in the UK

There are so many different types of slot machine games nowadays that they can get a little confusing at times. Players have plenty of options to keep them entertained. Video slots are a very important part when it comes to online slots and account for a major percentage of slots games that are played online. But what are video slots?

What is video slots

Every online slot game is video slots technically since they have to be played on video screens. However, the term “video slots” refers to a specific part of the slots industry. Video slots usually have at least nine pay lines. This means that players can bet on nine spins on the least each time. Reel slots usually consist of nowhere near nine lines. Also, video slots have many more bonus games and usually allow additional time for every spin as compared to reel slots. So playing video slots has the potential to be less credit consuming as compared to other virtual slots.

Small and large Wins

While the regularity of spins when it comes to video slots is less than other slot machines, the amount players can bet on every spin is much higher.

Video slots accept as much as five coins on every spin which means five for every pay line. This means on a nine pay line machine, players can get a maximum coin amount of forty-five coins.

There are so many different video slot machines available each with a wide range of its own characters, bonus games and themes. Every game has its own quirks and characteristics. So here is a look at some of the most popular video slot games on the internet right now.

Different slot games

  • Video Slots in the UKLord of the Rings: This is an eye-opening game of video slots. The graphics are top notch, and it also follows the film closely. There are even some video clips that tie in with the film. The large number of bonus games make this game stand out from the rest. The visuals and game play are the main reasons that players should try out this game.
  • King Kong: This slot wins when it comes to graphics as well. Even though it doesn’t have too many bonus games like the Lord of the Rings, it is quite brilliant when King Kong, the fearsome ape, breaks through the reels whenever players get a win.
  • The Amazing Spiderman: This is another slot machine game that makes the most out of its tie-in with the film. The game has three features and can even provide some major wins with the help of the Marvel Hero Jackpot.
  • Rainbow Riches: This is an all-time classic video slot game. It has various bonus rounds which will keep players entertained for hours. Some of the most popular bonus rounds are the wishing well and pots of gold. But Rainbow Riches version of Win Big Shindig has lost a few features and games which made the original so much fun.
  • Freaky Fruit: The only reason this game is part of this list is because it is so odd. It is filled with various symbols of strange fruits that are smiling, cheerful band music and a tropical cocktail bonus game which will make anyone laugh out loud. This video slot game definitely needs to get a cult following. It’s generous when it comes to free spins too.

These and more video slots options give players a lot of options when it comes to testing their luck. All they need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection and they are good to go.