review Siberian Storm

The Exciting Game of Siberian Storm


The Siberian Storm is essentially an innovative and comparatively fresh video slot game, developed by the IGT. Within five years, this amazing game has happened to turn into an extremely popular video slots, with increasing number of gaming enthusiasts experiencing the excitement of playing this amazing video slot game. As its name implies, the Siberian Storm has a frosty theme that is completed by a matching background as well as various cool symbols. The detailed and involved graphics put the gamers straight into the thick of the action, immediately. The game includes five reels as also several great bonuses, that encourage players to continue playing, hoping for the big win.

How You Bet

Siberian StormThe minimum wage for the Siberian Storm is $0.50, with the maximum at $500. Then there are bigger stakes as well as variations and these are certain to be attractive to those players who aren’t scared of moving towards the big time, and don’t wish to mess around for smaller stakes. The buttons located below the reels renders it extremely easy to find out the amount of money that is being wagered at a time. Thus the gamers only need to glance at the total bet sections and the coin value before pressing Spin, once they are satisfied with their selections, or adjust them quickly prior to the beginning of the play.

The utmost win a player can gain by playing Siberian Storm in a casino is a whopping 109,210 times the amount bet. This is highly advantageous to the players, even if those with a small bankroll can still leave the casino bearing a small fortune, provided t
hey strike it lucky. Besides this, the game also offers a jackpot of an incredible 50,000 coins for the players to score and as to the house edge, it is merely around four percent, making the odds of winning real high.

How Free Spins Work

With Siberian Storm, gamers need some patience as it takes some time for all the many free spins to turn around, as and when they do, the resulting payout will be really worth it. Free spins are typically triggered as soon as the gamers score five symbols of the green eye, on the five reels successively, netting the players eight free spins in total. When green eyes in excess of one group are landed, one more set of free spins gets added to the sum total and the lucky players get the opportunity to score a maximum of an awesome 96 free spins, with just one winning spin. While gamers play bonus games, orange eye symbols can appear, offering them free spins anywhere between eight and a stunning 240 free spins.