review Second Strike

Playing Second Strike Is Easy


Second Strike is the new, exciting, and easy-to-play video slot game developed by Quickspin. If you are a rookie when it comes to complicated slot games, fear not, as Second Strike provides you with an easy introduction. It sports a fruity theme and is attractively colourful. It was created as a tribute to the pioneering slot machines designed long ago. When the game is on, the gamers can hear lounge music in mellow tones playing in the background, making game playing very relaxing, and without taking away anything from the game.

How You Bet

Second StrikeeIn the Second Strike, the coins can be anywhere from between $0.01 and $10.00. The minimum bet is $0.10, and the win can reach the maximum of a whopping $120,400. You should place your bets every time you decide to spin any wheel, and this means you have to make a deposit into your gaming account prior to playing.

What You Win

The Second Strike attracts a lot of gamers because the possibility of making a big win is very high. In fact, by making a single spin, gamers can increase their original wager as much as a 1000 times. Undoubtedly, this presents an extremely exciting possibility and those gamers who feel that luck is with them wish to remain with the game till they can gain that all-important win. Of course there is a lot of play involved to make a big win, but for the gamers, the time spent is well worth spending with this online video slot. Under the circumstances, when you begin playing Second Strike, you’d soon find that it is hard for you to stop doing so.

Whenever you make a win, the wheel on the outer side lights up. When it begins to turn again, it may land on a lit up symbol, at which point you get that big win.

How Free Spins Work

Like in many other games, Second Strike offers no free spins whatsoever. This is because this simple easy-to-win game doesn’t need any such frills. In spite of this, Second Strike is a game that is somewhat addictive. Gamers who have played it many times know that there is indeed a type of bonus available to them that more than makes up for any free spins. They are given a second chance to win on each and every win, that keeps on increasing over time.