review Rock Star

Rock Star – Slot Game With Ultimate Rock Star Theme

Rock Star casino game is a classic one with various themes of Rock Stars. The free to play game is available online for the gamers who do not wish to download the game on their system. Unlike the other casino slot games, Rock Star is featured with amazingly themed backgrounds and unique options that you may not get anywhere else.

How To Play?

The game is 3D and 5 reel game and has about 30 pay lines to play on. Not only the background features great its themes but also the game is combined with Rock and Roll music and voice to make your game entertaining and exciting.

The symbols that are used in the pay lines in this game are magazine covers, groupies, record labels, alcohols, and similar other symbols. The game is to match the maximum number of symbols in one single line to win the bet.

How To Bet?

The game has as many as five different main option buttons on the interface. The gamers can bet per each line in which they can select a number of coins per each line that they wish to bet. This is the initial and beginners level of betting. People can also bet their whole amount on all the pay lines to spin. There is always a freedom of selecting the pay lines and selecting the denomination of the coins ranging from 0.02 to 0.50.

How To Win?

Rock Star slotsPlaying, betting, and winning the free slot game Rock Star is quite easy and convenient. The gamers have options of selecting the pay lines and also their desired number of coins to bet on. If you bet in the right way and your bet wins then there are chances to multiple the lines by three.

As per the epic solo, you can unleash a character and it can perform a solo to make you win credits. Similarly, as per the feature of Multiplier Mania, the gamer can multiply the original bet with 2, 5, 10 and more. The most exciting one of the option of ‘Are You Ready To Rock?”. As for this, a group of characters will come up on the stage to perform and the gamer has to select any four characters that can win them a good amount.

How FreeSpin Work?

The slot game Rock Star is designed and developed in a way where there are no free spins available. There are bonus features that can be used in place of the free spins.

If you are not into playing the old casino type games, then this is the game that you can try. With a background and theme of Rock Star.