review Mega Joker

Mega Joker Slots a Casino with Vegas Charm

Fans of slots games are going to love the simplicity of this game. Playing it is a great break away from the complexity which comes with some of the bigger and more elaborate slots games on the internet.


The game makes you feel like you have entered an old Vegas casino. You find potted plants around the slots and patterned wallpaper. The design is of a vintage 1985 style with classic symbols and lights which blink continuously just like they would in an old Vegas casino.

How you bet

You will not have to guess with this game. Everything is clearly printed in rainbow colors. The symbols are typical for old slots like oranges, cherries, grapes, lemons, treasure chests, the number seven, and golden bells. The highest symbol you can get is the joker.

There is no background music, but there are sound effects for whenever the reel spins or stops. If you can get three jokers in a row, a long song will play to celebrate this achievement.

What you win

Mega JokerThe coin values are limited to 0.10 and 0.20. You can choose to bet between one and ten coins every spin. The minimum bet for a spin is 0.10. The maximum is 2.00. The maximum payout for a single spin is 2000.

The controls are really simple, and that’s what makes this game really great for beginners. The options you have include Spin, Max Bet, Collect, and Bet. Unlike most other slots, there is no auto play feature here.

The amounts of each winning combination is printed on the machines so that you can view them easily. All of the numbers are read off an old school display with a black background.

How freespins work

The mega jackpot here is awarded randomly. You will not have to line up any symbols while spinning to get it. However, it is linked with to the amount of money that you bid. The more you bid, the more the chances of you getting the progressive jackpot. The maximum bid is only 2.00. So does not it make sense to go for the max bid each and every time?


Gamers of every skill level can come in and enjoy this game. Given the amount of success NetEnt has had over the years, you should not find it too hard to believe that they have managed to create another great gaming environment.