review Koi Princess

Tips on How to Play Koi Princess Slot Game


Koi Princess slotsKoi Princess is a slot machine that is based on a Japanese theme provided by the NetEnt software, and is comprised of 5 reels and 3 rows. It has a 20 line fixed bet offering. You have to decide whether you want to play the bonus bet. If you are going to play with the bonus bet you will be betting 40 coins per spin, but If you don’t want to use the bonus bet feature you will be placing a 20 coin bet. You need to set your play level as well as your coin value. To see the payout table click on the “i” symbol. If you want to see game details click on the “?’

How You Bet

You have the option of betting at different levels from 1 to 10. Each of these levels equals 20 coins. The minimum bet that you can place on the Koi Princess is at level 1 x 20 coins, with the coin value being €0.01 which equals a minimum bet of €0.20. The maximum bet you can place is at level 10 x20 coins with the coin value being €1.00 which equals a maximum bet of €200.

What You Can Win

The payout depends on what level you are playing a
t. For example, if you are playing at level 5 then the payout for your combination will be multiplied by 5. For five of a kind symbols the highest payout is 500 coins with the wave symbol. The wave symbol and the Koi Princess start paying out when two of a kind are presented. The rest of the symbols begin paying out when three of a kind show on a spin. Another possibility for winning is with the Coin Win Awards which can give you a bonus between 15 to 30 times of the current bet.

How Free Spins Work

One of the features offered in the Koi Princess slot game is when you get the chance to choose one of the Koi fish and your choice gives you the 5-Hit feature. You will be given 1 free spin with an assured 5 of a kind win.

If you land the Random Wilds feature you will get 1 free spin that will give anywhere between 4 to 9 wild symbols at random. The Wild Reels features gives 1 free spin where 2 to 5 of the reels will be wild. The Sure Win Free Spins gives you 10 free spins, and so will the Wild Reels Free Spin feature.