review Gold Slam

Gold Slam – 3D Version of Old Casino Slot Game

The new craze about casino games is about playing in 3D games. Gold Slam is such a 3D 3-reel slot game that is becoming popular these days about the gamers. The most amazing thing about this game from Sheriff gaming is that it has a simple gaming plot.

How to play?

Gold SlamGold Slam is a simple to do a game that looks like the slot machine that is available in the physical casino houses. It is a classic slot machine with 5-reel and 9 pay line. The game is designed in such way that it has a background with many different slot machines and games. There are various symbols available on the reels and these are oranges, grapes, lemons, watermelons, cherries, red 2-bars, yellow 1-b
ar and again blue 3-bars.

The game is simple where you have to gather three or more numbers of symbols of the same kind and hence you win. The highest valued symbol is the blue 3-bars. Gathering 5 numbers of these symbols can help you to win 10,000 coins.

All the options are provided at the bottom side of the reels. From here only you need to choose your betting amount, playing option such as manual spin or auto spin and others. When you win, the coin lets you gamble using which either you win double the amount or may lose the entire amount.

How to bet?

Gold Slam has kept itself stuck to the old usual format only. The maximum amount that can be won from the game once is of 25,000 coins. The game is simple where you have to play all the 9 pay lines. You can bet from $0.10 to $25 at every bet for each spin. The only way how you can win the jackpot is by betting for the highest amount each time.

How does freespin work?

When you start playing the game, at the beginning you can get as many as 15 numbers of free spins. You can select among these free spins also to have an auto spin or a manual one.

What you win?

It has been already mentioned above that a person can bet from $0.10 to $25 and based on the bet amount, the player can either win a good amount or can lose the whole amount. But of course, the higher you bet, the more you get the chance of winning the jackpot or also the maximum amount of about 25,000.

If you wish to play the old format of casino games in a 3D feature, then Gold Slam can be an amazing selection. With easy modes of playing and great features, it offers the best playing experience.