review Gold Miner

Gold Miner Casino Slots a Player’s Golden Opportunity

Slot game players aren’t afraid to play slots where the money is. With this slot game, they are going to be taken deep inside the Earth for this opportunity.

Gold Mine’s a slot game that has been designed by Microgaming with a classic design. The gameplay is simple, and there are many bonus features too. Get ready for one of the greatest underground adventures you will ever go on. Here’s what to expect.


There are a number of displays and buttons all over the screen as well as the pay table. The background is easily visible, though. Rules are simple and gameplay is intuitive. You can become an expert at this game after a few spins.

Gold Mine has a simple three reel setup with one pay line through the middle. It can’t get any simpler than this.

How you bet

Gold MinerrThere’s a command bar on the bottom of your screen which you can use for adjusting your wagers and getting the reels spinning. An optional mini-game available every time you win gives you a chance to try and double your rewards.

You can hold the reel in place for each successive spin or give it a nudge to try and get a winning competition. You may be able to get some pretty large rewards If you can use these options wisely.

What you win

The pay table has nine reel symbols. This is quite decent considering this is a retro slot game. Common symbols like oranges, cherries, lemons, watermelons, etc. offer smaller rewards, but you get tons of opportunities to score combinations with them. Persistence is most important here, so keep trying.

The bar signs, gold bars, and golden bells offer much larger wins. These combinations are all worth more than two-hundred times your bet. So take a risk and you may actually be rewarded with a pot of gold.

How free spins work

The gold coin is Gold Mine’s idea of a bonus symbol that can offer you extra wins. The more coins you collect, the higher the bonus you can obtain.

The special symbol is a dynamite stick. If you get a stick, you will win extra spins and a multiplier. This is your best chance to win big.

The atmosphere created by the games sound is excellent and realistic. The soundtrack is quite fun too.

All these factors make Gold Mine a must try game for slot lovers.