review Arabian Nights

Review of Arabian Nights Slots

Las Vegas. Where people go to have an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, for some people, this dream is too expensive to fulfill. So what if they had an opportunity to experience Vegas from the comfort of their homes? This is exactly what Arabian Nights slots offers.


Arabian NightsThe slot game was developed by IGT and this means players can expect a game which doesn’t just look good but is also fun to play and offers some great rewards.

There are 20 pay lines available for each spin and when you include the 10x multiplier which can appear at any time and a Roulette bonus, there are very few reasons why you wouldn’t consider giving this slot game a shot.

How you bet

All of the symbols in the game are related to Las Vegas in some way or the other. There’s the orange 7 which pays 1, 2 and 5 times. Then, there’s the Nights logo which pays 2, 3 and 6 times the bet amount.

What you win

There’s a feature symbol which will trigger the Roulette bonus. Here your wins are paid for with chips that can be used on a roulette wheel.

Then there’s the scatter symbol which offers handsome rewards of its own whenever it appears. Free spins are also awarded for every trio with the super wilds showing up on the reels too.

Then there’s the wild symbol which can substitute for every other symbol except jackpot and scatter so that you get extra winning lines.

How free spins work

The main symbol is the most special one in the game. It is the champagne glass man & woman. This is the only way of visually describing the symbol, unfortunately. What it offers is a choice of three progressive jackpot amounts. If you spin 3 of the symbols and you will get the mini prize. If you get four, you get the midi prize. If you get a full line of 5, you get the maxi prize. It’s not often you get to win a jackpot payout from the main game symbol, now is it?


As you can tell, there are a lot of exciting features offered by this slots game. When you get to enjoy everything Sin City has to offer at a small fraction of the price. There is no reason why you wouldn’t be dying to play this game now is there.